Rapid Transit Video #21 – “Canada Trip 2008- Ay Pregos Hebetudinus Canadian Jackassery!”


This past summer Nathan Silsbee, Alan Young, and I drove up to Canada to go kayaking. I really didn’t know what to expect when I was planning this journey. After 17 hours of continuously driving we finally made it to the Canadian border. By this time all of us were anxious to be there.


(Nathan bowing to the fire)

When we pulled in to the campground we met up with Gragtmans. I hadn’t slept in 27 hours and still wanted to go to minibus. After a 3 hour Minibus session we stayed up and talked for a while. For the next 7 days we played around on the Ottawa river in many different places like Minibus, Buseater, Butterfly, Dragons Tounge, and Warm Apple Pie.


(Alan hitting a pan-am on Minibus)

Then we took off with Andy Hill and Andrew Wylie to High Tension. We floated down the river with all of our camping gear, looking like a circus, and stayed at High Tension for three days. Then we went back to the original campground to drop off The Andys and stayed the night.


(Me throwing a righty air-blunt)

The next day we drove back up to the Gatineau river for another surf session on High Tension, but this time with ol-Grag-mans. Three days later we headed toward montreal for a night and headed home the next day.

Chris Airscrew

(Chris showing us a nice airscrew)

I had an awesome time up in Canada and would highly suggest it to anyone who loves to paddle.

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Music on this video by:
“kill me”

“you can’t sexy dance to punk rock”
Southern Lovin’ PR
Many thanks to jade_tree_logo_web.jpgand southernlovinmoonshine.gif

COMING SOON from Torrent Productions:
A new Bag-O-Tricks: How to Rock Spin.

Until next time,

Andy Gates

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  1. Nice Vid guys!
    I really enjoy watching your vids and can´t wait for the next one!
    One question regarding this video: What model Chris´s kayak (blue Riot): Air or Turbo? Or another one?

    Regards Tom

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