Duffel Bag is King

This is my annual April blitz that includes spring break with the fam, work that never ends, travel and recreation. Lately I’ve realized the role of bags in my life and just how many different ones I require. In this analysis it turns out, the duffel is king. Here are some of the duffel bags that help keep my stuff organized in the hectic balance of work and life. All of these bags are made to endure regular use for a very long time, probably a lifetime.

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Bags listed smallest to largest, in the same order as in the video above.

Watershed Ocoee is a completely dry duffel I use to carry fishing tackle. Made in Asheville NC, I’ve owned several of these for as long as 20 years and they’re still going.

Watershed Largo Tote. Similar to Ocoee listed above but more roomy. This is my go-to camera bag, especially in and around the water.

Eagle Creek Migrate 40L. Maybe the most burly, durable, element-resistant duffel ever made. This is a no-nonsense carry-on and overnight bag. Both my kids have these. Packs flat for storage and has tuck-away backpack straps.

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler 40L. Similar to the Migrate listed above, but more feature rich with internal dividers, pockets on the ends, horseshoe opening, lockable zipper and neatly packs away into its own pocket. This is THE premium duffel and my travel bag of choice.

Immersion Research, World Class Gear Bag. Built to be tough as nails, the bottom is a vinyl coated polyester with a durable + breathable mesh upper, daisy chains and hefty grab handles on the ends. Stores all my necessary paddling gear, and more, wet or dry. 87L volume.

Eagle Creek, No Matter What Duffel 110L. This one is first and foremost, affordable, just as important, it is hefty in its construction and it has features. Packs into its own side pocket and features a padded cross-body strap that attaches to different lash points and d-rungs. Made of completely recycled materials. I keep all my hunting gear kit in this one.

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler XT 120L. This bag is constructed like the Cargo Hauler mentioned above, except this is much larger and has an internal frame, two wheels and an expandable trolley handle. As a footwear rep I keep all my Astral shoe samples in this one. I like it.

Lastly, the Migrate 130L wheeled. Burly as it gets, this Migrate packs down just like the smaller Migrate mentioned at the top, except this one has a set of wheels for easier transport. Currently I have mine packed full of Rumpl Puffy Blanket samples. The major difference between this rolling bag and the Cargo Hauler mentioned above is that it does not have an internal frame. The benefit is that it packs down into a small space when not being used.

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