Kayaking Linville Gorge at Low Water

As the last bit of rainfall drained out of the mountains from the most recent downpour we decided “what the heck, let’s do it.” 1.72 is what the gauge read at 6am that morning. Most every line on the Linville Gorge is the same at low water, and anywhere the water is channelized is actually pretty well padded out.

(Above the A-Frame Rapid: Brian Miller drops through a clone of Chattooga Section IV’s “Center Crack.”)

  • Wismans View (aka Wismans Poo) at 7:30 AM

Photos, Video and Captions by Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.


  1. Must say the Brewers are the most confidence inspiring river shoes I have worn in some time. Rarely do you think of footwear as a must on a river trip but after Linville’s 40 minute hike in, 40 minute hike out and getting in and out of the boat 10-15 times to scout and hold rope on slick boulders over terminal sieves I now consider my Brewers a mandatory piece of river gear right there with my helmet and life jacket. The Brewers are sticky, durable, drain well and simplify put out performed my previous river shoes..5-10’s, Teva’s and Keens. I put my foot down and they stick. Holding rope above Twiggy’s they were confidence inspiring. Their minimalist design makes them super light which is important on a long epic day like Linville. The lack of bulk allows them to slide in and out of a boat super easy and the well placed drain hole on rear heel helps eliminate excess water before getting back into the boat. The only down side was look on Lee’s face when both his nike soles blew out half way into our day. Thankfully Lee is the equivalent of an energizer bunny so nothing could slow him down but I could tell my the look on his face he was wanting my Brewers….no way go buy your own.
    B Miller

  2. One of these days I will make the time to finally get out there, maybe one day we’ll get to paddle it together.

    Stay well Spence,

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