The Nano is that shortie you need in your life | IR Nano Jacket Review by Andrew Holcombe

Everyone deserves a good shortie paddlejacket in their life, especially if you live in the southeast.  I often find that this piece of gear is a bit of an afterthought with companies, just thrown in there at the last minute and not quite equal to the quality of the rest of their gear.  Not so with the Immersion Research Nano Short Sleeve top. 

The keys to a good SS are a good cut so it’s not too bulky, solid fabric so it holds up, and comfortable neck gaskets for the summer temps.  The Nano accomplishes all of this.  The cut has plenty of room in the shoulders so you’re not feeling constricted when you paddle.  The taper as you move down helps keep the fabric from bunching up on you.

The fabric itself is thick enough to withstand everyday wear and tear as well as abrasions on the rocks.  And what about those gaskets?  Neoprene around the neck and arms is a nice mix of keeping water out and being very comfortable in the summertime heat.  The Nano is that shortie you need in your life whether you’ve realized it or not.

(If you want a double-tunnel option that offers all of the features mentioned above, try the Rival Short Sleeve by IR!)

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Words by Andrew Holcombe
Photos by Effort, Inc.

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