Rapid Transit Video Podcast Bonus! – IR Mustache King 2008

Grow lip hair, win an IR Drysuit. It’s almost that simple.

joey mustache

There is a season just beyond the horizon where the talents of kayakers and lip hair farmers join forces to become one big idiotic mess all over the internet. This season is known as the Curt Davis Invitational Mustache Growing Contest of Paddlesports. This year IR has title sponsored the event to bring you The Mustache King 2008. As title sponsor IR will be providing their top-of-the-line DoubleD drysuit to 1st place as the grand prize. Yip, you read correctly. All you gotta do is grow a stache and you will be styling it up dry as a bone in a brand new drysuit. Check out the video for a little motivation.

mustache title card

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