Rapid Transit Video #19 – “Would You Like To Touch My Monkey?”

So while its been dry the past couple weeks (up until 2 days ago) I put together a little S8 short of the Green at Monkey Spanking levels (up until 2 days ago). The title is Touch My Monkey starring Ben Blake, Collin Harris, and Sam Essewein. Music is by Bad Dudes and the track is titled Eat Drugs. www.baddudes.net

Parental Guidance suggested for the out-ro as Chris Gragtmans gives us a preview of some good ol 2008 Cali Porn. Photos taken by Robin Betz. Music is by Japanther and the track is titled Cable Babies. www.japanther.com


Purchase your music directly from the musicians or your local independent music store.

“Do You Want To Touch My Monkey?” Yes


Oh Ya, and on a more important side note. The North Pole officially became an island for the first time in history today. Can you say “Denial.”

Peace Out


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  1. thanks for the little note under my wiper blade. my answer is yes of course. you dudes rock!

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