Rapid Transit Video #9 – Cooper Lambla’s New Zealand Video Journal Volume II – South Island

Cooper’s saga continues on the Southern island of New Zealand with new friends, big water and more hilarious heehaws.

Enjoy music in the segment courtesy of Clutch and The Port Huron Statement 

You will see cooper doing the helicopter riding .  He has now ridden the helicopter at this time.

nz south island helicopter

Nevis Bluff is a large wacky rapid that Coop and crew ran.

nz south island nevis bluff bigggggg

Coop ran this one blind due to a face mask breaking incident.

nz south island nevis bluff bigggggg 2

More on Cooper’s excellent NZ adventures on his blog at Downstream Movement 

  1. we live down road from Nevis bluff and used to live in the Arahura Valley – have never kayaked – but this was unreal! must be insane adrenalin buzz; argghhh – to the guy with broken goggles – respect

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