Rapid Transit Video #15 – Chris Gallaway’s Helmet-Cam of Jerry’s Baddle

Greetings Podcasters and horse lovers alike. Chris Gallaway’s Googles aren’t working so I got on the Internets (also broken) for him to post this mess. Our very good man shot some headcam during the Jerry’s Baddle race on the Green River this spring and just now decided to whip it out. It’s a very thrilling, relaxing, informative, lackluster, sad, happy, thoughtful, selfish, black, white, off, on, apples, oranges video.


(headcam pointing straight through the go-left slot – photo by Isaac Ludwig)

You can see all the lines, especially race lines, as Chris races his borrowed Wave Sport “Momentum” through the Narrows and all the class III-IV boogie above and below. Watch out for a bit of a hiccup at Sunshine. The video comes equipped with the fine editing, voice-over and music choices that you would expect from a National Paddling Film Festival winner. Please do enjoy via iTunes on our Podcast or you may visit Gallaway’s video Library HERE. Orrrrrrr, you may click one of the Quicktime viewing options below.

Music in the video by Bonobo, song: Muzak and Ben Gallaway, song: Longaway.


This is a photo of Chris Gallaway with a freshly combed beard.


Spencer Cooke, Effort.tv

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