Rapid Transit Video #14 – Skippin’ Work

The other week my boss called me to work… well lets just say I didn’t work that shift or the one I was originally signed up to work. Instead I went kayaking and it was totally worth it! This footage is of four really killer places to paddle.


First up is Eternity hole on the Tuck., then there is Quarter Mile hole on the Noli., a little bit of play on the famous Green River Narrows, and last but not least Wilson’s creek. The music is brought to us by Jade Tree. The first song is Young, Loud, and Scotty, by Lifetime on the Jeremy’s Best Dancers album. The second song in the video is Reminisce by the Statistics on the Leave your name album. You can find both of these artists among many other really talented ones at JadeTree.com.


Thanks for listening,

Andy Gates


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