Rapid Transit Video #13 – Vancouver Local Spots

British Columbia in Vancouver, this city is rad!  Great food, cool parks, coffee shops, music, architecture, amazing public transportation and some of the warmest folks you’ll meet.

Vancouver Local Spots from From the Darkroom on Vimeo.


World class kayaking is all less than a two hour drive to Whistler, Squamish, and Vancouver Island. This video covers a small percentage of the runs in the Vancouver vicinity. Runs in order of appearance 21 Mile Creek, Birkenhead (high water), Callaghans Creek, and Rogers Creek. The Cast: Sean Thompson, Jerry Jibscomb, Alex Harvey, Liggin, Dangerous Dave, Professor Paddle James and the Montana Boys. Music: Eliot Lipp-Linc and Gift of Gab-Ride of Your Life.


BC is a wilderness full of vast resources. Not only for recreational purposes but more so for economical gain: high voltage power lines parallel every dirt or major road we traveled on, the vegetated mountains resemble a green patchwork quilt from the many clear cuts, rivers like the Ashlu and the Rutherford are transformed into hydro electric plants. All of these issues are heavily documented and were presented the world by Brian Smith of the Range Life. Another economic resource that is impacting the BC wilderness is the construction for 2010 Winter Olympics. A local informed us that the Nordic Ski Jump grounds are slated for construction in the head waters of Callaghans Creek. This area is home to a large Grizzly population and despite the towns disapproval construction was to continue. It was trip of highs and lows. The high of experiencing BC whitewater and its adventure; followed by the low of witnessing the its destruction for man consumption. Check out this link for BC Rivers at Risk– Vids that address these issues- 49 Mega Watts by Brian Smith Skookumchuck Surf Report by Spence and Chris

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