Rapid Transit Video Podcast #1: DeSoto Falls

Chris falling off the world

This is the first of many Rapid Transit Video Podcasts to come. Presented by Mion Footwear, this short film was shot and edited by Chris Gallaway (the Green Race Movie), award winning kayak film maker. The video features the first kayak descent of 80 foot DeSoto Falls in Alabama, done by Chris Gragtmans in his Riot Magnum 72. Enjoy!

Kayaking Desoto Falls: the Five Year Plan from Horizonline Pictures on Vimeo.

In 2008 pro kayaker Chris Gragtmans became the first person to run Desoto Falls in Alabama. For Chris it was a life dream and a project five years in the planning, and all of his preparation paid off in an elegant line off the 70+ foot beast. Here Chris reflects on what it meant to him to kayak Desoto Falls.

Alabama State Park officials wish to let it be known that kayaking Desoto Falls is against park regulations and could lead to prosecution.

  1. This is an amazing video. The epic accomplishment by Chris Gragtmans paired with Chris Gallaway’s pensive and inspirational filming and editing style is sure to be an award-winning combination!

    10/10 guys I can’t wait for the DVD!

  2. I always wondered who would be the first. I’ve been on top of it and wondered what it would be like. Congrats on taking the chance, because a challenge is always worth the risk.

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