Longboard Asheville: December

Longboard Asheville had an unseasonably warm and welcome December.  Typically the roads would all be ruined by salt, sand and chemicals by now and we would have been hibernating for the winter.  Thanks though, to global warming and the coming apocalypse, we enjoyed mostly balmy temperatures and were able to lay urethane lines all over our favorite hills all the way up to the new year.  Here is some photo memorabilia and one looooonnnng mellow downhill on video.  Happy new year from Rapid Transit Photo/Video and Longboard Asheville.  Join the LBAVL facebook group if you please.  Also check out Rapid Transit’s new kayaking short film collection called COMING HOME, out now on DVD.

A splendid bunch of lads enjoying the finer paved surfaces of the region.

One wickedly steep section of hill here.
Felipe bombs into a heelside turn.
Chris does a nice no-grab toeside slide through the same turn.
Coleman slide by Troy
The group hikes back up.
Felipe and myself on a tandem run.
Sometimes a shuttle is nice.

Some footage of that hill has not yet been edited but I’ll get around to it one day.  Next day Felipe and I tried a new hill.  Once again, got some pretty nice footage but haven’t done any editing yet.

Felipe left, me right. One of a couple really nice turns in a sweet section of road we discovered.
Thanks to Chris Gallaway for running shuttle and chase car filming.
Felipe speeds into a sweeping toeside turn.

Last stop was the mellow downhill seen in the video above.  This run is 5 miles of pure pleasure that is a solid 25-30 mph the entire way.  We stopped on one of our shuttles back up for a session on the six straight hairpins.

Felipe says it's all downhill from here.
Felipe and Pat are tucked in for a long ride ahead.
Hiking back up the 6 switchbacks. Pat picked up some unsightly litter to try to leave this incredible landscape more beautiful than we found it.
Pat eyeballs the other end of a heelside hairpin.
Felipe and myself on a tandem run of the full 5 mile stretch.
Stylish toeside standy by boredfelipe himself
Landscape with a shade of safety yellow moving through the trees.
Myself heelisde and Felipe toeside, syncing up another turn.


One last shot of Felipe burning through a toeside turn, tucked in for speed.
Shuttle often resembles sardines crammed into a can.

Perhaps you enjoyed viewing all I had to offer today.  Perhaps not.  Doesn’t matter that much really.

Bye for now,
Spencer Cooke – Effort Inc.

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