How to Go Surf Kayaking – DVD Preview

Presented by Rapid Transit Video, HOW TO GO SURF KAYAKING is a documentation of the development of the sport from 1997-2010. This is a story told by a group of surf paddlers from the East Coast. During the 45 minute running time you’ll receive a comical, however sincere, clinic on the lessons these surfers learned about how to travel to different countries with surf kayaks in search of waves, adventure and cultural experiences. Amongst East Coast surfing footage ranging from New Jersey to Florida, the group traveled with surf kayaks to ride waves in California, Costa Rica, Morocco, Portugal, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Ireland and Panama. From getting rental cars stuck in giant mud pits, contracting denuge fever from mosquito bites, breaking boats, and constantly pranking one another, there is entertainment any viewer can relate to. Surfers and kayakers alike will appreciate the challenge of traveling with kayaks and surfboards. Lastly, the journey to play in the waves is universally understood by anyone who loves watersports. By the end of the film you may well know how to go surf kayaking.

This short film will be presented together on one DVD, entitled COMING HOME, with three other stories from kayaking by Spencer Cooke of Effort Inc and Chris Gallaway of Horizonline Pictures.  The price will be affordable, $14.99 for the whole package.  See more info here.

Written, directed, edited and produced by Spencer Cooke and Effort Inc.

Co-Produced by Astral Buoyancy, Shred Ready, Joey Hall, Interference and Deadman Productions

The DVD will be available for purchase in January 2012 at this website for $14.99…

Music on this preview is by The Underground Railroad to Candyland courtesy of Recess Records and Southern Lovin’ PR…

Soundtrack by: Pygmy Lush, Snack Truck, Tubers, Jon Snodgrass, The Riot Before, North Lincoln, Des Ark, The Underground Railroad to Candyland

Soundtrack Courtesy of: No Idea Records & Southern Lovin’ PR, Recess Records, Say 10 Records, Suburban Home Records, Lovitt Records

A portion of the proceeds generated by the sales of this DVD will be donated to Our VOICE, a non-profit crisis intervention and prevention agency in Asheville, North Carolina which serves victims of sexual assault.

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