Two Days in September (a Rapid Transit short)

Here’s a short video for you. It comes a little bit late, but hopefully it was worth the wait for the rescue footage at the end of the video. This was shot on two days in late September: the Sunday release on the Nantahala Cascades at GAF festival and a beautiful fall day linking up two excellent runs in Pisgah National Forest. I hope you enjoy the story–let us know what you think in the comments!

  1. Daring rescue, Chris! I think the squirrel would as soon bite you, were it not for the thick neoprene. Glad you’ve been getting water!

  2. Yeah, Taylor–when that thing crawled on top of my hands and we locked eyes I thought, “This is going to end badly.” Thankfully, it was too depleted to attack, and so it made a very nice mid-day meal, thank you Spencer.

  3. YES! So good to find a quality short film in the vast ocean of digital kayak media. Keep the creativity flowin’! love the wildlife cameos.

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