Go to Hell… Hole – Ocoee River Tennessee

This was mostly just playing around with the go pro camera.  I shot the footage earlier this spring and wanted to do something with it.  No real gold here, just some fun playboating.
Music by Dear Landlord, the song is “i live in hell.”  This record may be found at No Idea Records.

Not so ironically, the type font used for the video titles is called Living Hell.  It’s kind of a hell theme.  What the hell…  Footage is from Hell Hole on the Ocoee River in Tennesse and the Nolichucky River in North Carolina/Tennessee.

This is mostly B footage from the upcoming DVD release by Chris Gallaway and myself, entitled COMING HOME.  Check out the trailer HERE.

Chris and I preparing for a day of playboating on the Nolichucky.


Garage Sale? Or Chris and I filming the special features of the Coming Home DVD?

Spencer Cooke

  1. Hey dude, nice seeing you. That wave is just below the rapid called On The Rocks. I’ve always heard it referred to as Easter Wave. It comes in as a nice hole around 2000-2500 then starts greening out around 3000 or above. I can’t remember the level that day but I think maybe 4500. It is way above your skill level though so don’t even think of going there. Also you’re too young to surf that wave. You’re probably too light as well. It takes a lot more weight just to stay on the wave. And Wave Sport boats don’t seem to surf it very well either. They are just so slippery that they slide right off the back of the wave. Sorry it’s not gonna work out for you. Wish I could help more.

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