Astral Men’s TR1 Merge – Minimalist Hiking Boots, Quick Drying and Lightweight, Made for Camping and Backpacking

TR1 Merge by Astral features super-duper tenaciously grippy G-Rubber on the outsole. With this gripping ability, hikers will confidently grip wet and dry surfaces like never before. TR1 Merge features a semi-rigid (semi-flexible) Top Shank that supports your foot for all-day walking (and standing) while it’s orientation (top of midsole, bottom of footbed) lets the flexible midsole/outsole package envelope and grip rocks, roots, gravel and earth as you walk across them. A mid-top gives ankle support and protection while a mesh vamp and toe-vent evacuate any moisture accumulated during your hike. This shoe also doubles as an incredibly capable wet-wading boot for fishing or a hard core kayaker’s shoe for creekboating and canyon walking.

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