Astral Brewer 2.0 – Men’s Everyday Minimalist Outdoor Sneakers, Grippy and Quick Drying, Made for Water Sports, Travel, and Rock Scrambling


Astral Brewer 2.0 – Photo: Effort Inc

Brewer is the original shoe from Astral. This was originally made as a water-ready sneaker for kayakers and quickly became the Ultimate Outdoor Sneaker! G-Rubber offers super-sticky, tenacious grip on all kinds of surfaces, especially wet ones! The upper is nylon-canvas and mesh which are more well ventilated than any sneaker you’ll find. Dry time is super quick, and they’re machine washable – they also float! The footbed is level from heel to the ball offering a balanced geometry and naturally wide toe box. Brewer is perfect as a casual sneaker, tromping around your favorite watery playground, and a good option for those casual/business friday’s at the office.

Astral Brewer2.0 – Photo: Effort Inc.
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