The Grand Canyon in Winter – Video Premiere

The Grand Canyon in Winter from Horizonline Pictures on Vimeo.

Small raft, big canyon.

Next Tuesday, April 20th, Rapid Transit is partnering with Diamond Brand Outdoors to host the premiere of “The Grand Canyon in Winter,” a video journal of my experience boating down the Colorado River this past December.

This river journey blew away my expectations. I’ve been belaboring the video over the past few months in an attempt do the experience justice, but when dealing with wilderness on the scale of the Grand Canyon, you ultimately have to accept that pictures and video never fully do it justice. We’re happy to be sharing this story with you, though, and we hope a good crowd will come out to enjoy the evening.

Hiking along the rim--a nice brake from oaring the rafts.

The video will show shortly after seven at the Diamond Brand store in Arden (address below), and following the screening, Ben Edson will be joining me for a Q&A about boating the Canyon. Ben is an accomplished river photographer and a seasoned Canyon guide, and we’ll show some of our slide photography while we answer questions about the video and the Canyon.

Play of light on the canyon walls.

On a side note, Spencer and I are planning to include this video in a Rapid Transit DVD down the road; so this viewing will be the only opportunity to see the Canyon story for a few months (and for free!). Come join us for an evening of wilderness appreciation, and pick up some inspiration and information for your next Canyon trip, whether it be the first or one of many.

Chris Gallaway, Horizonline Pictures


Show starts at 7PM and goes until 9.

Happening at the Diamond Brand store in Arden, 2623 Hendersonville Rd., Arden, NC 28704

This is a free event. For more details, call Diamond Brand at 1-800-459-6262 or e-mail

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