Rapid Transit Video #8: Cooper Lambla’s Video Journal 1 “New Zealand N. Island”

My peoples…in here…one love…big-a B…

Coop’s NZ River Sheep

It is my tremendous pleasure and honor to present to you entry #1 from my New Zealand Video Journal.� What you are about to experience is the result of Effort Inc. (Spencer Cooke) lending me a video camera to take to New Zealand.� I have never owned a video camera before, nor barely even know how to use one.� When recieving the mamajama at the Effort Inc. World Headquarters in Ashevegas, all I knew was that this machine recorded moments in time better than any other gadget I’d ever laid my digits on before.� This scares me…still.

Instructions were simple: Use this wing-dinger to record your time spent in a land far far away, especially on the river.� “What’s the catch?” I thought.� The catch: All video tapes� must be sent back to Headquarters for editing by Spencer Cooke, the editing Masta!

We all know that any footage Mr. Spee-ditty receives is subject to world-wide personal humiliation.� But I decided it was a risk worth taking.� So the video camera has traveled with me up, down, and all around New Zealand, capturing moments in time I will want to remember forever, as well as moments I’d rather forget.

Coop’s NZ Cows

Journal Entry #1 could be described as a video montage of my time spent this past January on New Zealand’s North Island.� Many of the shots in this flick are what happens when someone finds that there is a video camera in that mysterious looking yellow bag, or are handed a camera and are asked…”Hey, I’m going to run that rapid/waterfall over there, would you mind pushing this red button before I go off the lip?� Thanks!”

Coop’s NZ big water

I’d like to thank Spencer Cooke for his generous help with this project as a whole, as well as Wheels, who helped shoot a majority of the footage in this first entry.

Fabulous tunes on the video are courtesy The Port Huron Statement

I hope you enjoy!

-Cooper Lambla

Coop is happy in NZ

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