Putting the Giant to Sleep

Well, it’s now been 6 months since the conclusion of a 14 day Grand Canyon trip which took place from December 27, 2008 – January 10 2009.  I am happy to say that I am finished with this edit, now in its 5th incarnation.  I’m satisfied as this was my first attempt at a full length feature, and I can say I chalked up a lot of experience with Final Cut and various other software.  My editing has also become much quicker thanks to this project.


Visit my Library to view the film right here on Rapid Transit.  Click HERE.


The beginning of the video you will see a short preview for my next full length project due out at the end of 2009 called the Grand Payoff.  The project stemmed from this project in that I worked a seasonal job (Christmas trees in Atlanta) to fund my trip to the Grand Canyon and the 2009 season on the road.  Once I started this project I realized there was a much larger story to tell and it will encompass several other “starving paddlers” and their stories of survival as a kayaker.


The great music in this video is thanks to a lot of great artists and you should check out their websites and buy their albums…or else.


More to follow soon as I have captured a lot of great footage from being on the road for the past 3 months.  Look forward to getting back to the Southeast!


The Hedgehog Dilemma “Mesonges (Bonhuer)”




DJ Shadow “Changeling/Transmission 1




Saint Germain “Sure Thing”




Denali “Surface”




One Small Step for Landmines “Take Me Seriously”




Here’s how to watch this video: At the bottom of this post you will see some small blue text reading “play in popup” and “play now.” If you’d like to view the video here and now simply click one of those links. Another option is to open iTunes on your computer and go to the Music Store. There you can search for Rapid Transit, subscribe for free and receive all our podcasts if you like. You may also view this video on the flash player in my Library HERE.




Chris Wing

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