Ocoee Power Dump

Dams on the Ocoee River in Tennessee normally re-route water around the river bed through wooden flumes which generate over 20,000 kilowatts of electricity. In Spring, Summer and Fall the Tennessee Valley Authority is kind enough to allow some of its precious water resource dump through its natural waterway to generate another kind of power, the power of recreation and tourism. Thousands of kayakers and recreational rafters flock to the Ocoee every year to enjoy the beauty and excitement of its whitewater rapids.

(Matt Leech boofs down a rapid on the Upper Ocoee)

(Clint Lawing, aka “Claw”, claws his way off a boof ledge on the Upper Ocoee)
(Hell hole on the lower Ocoee is famous for surfing, enders, cartwheels and tricks of all kinds)

Photos and captions by Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc


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