Kayaking 4 Kidz Part 2 now available on DVD

Kayaking 4 Kidz, Part 2
“Intro to Whitewater”
This is an instructional video made especially for kids who are making their first step on whitewater. With World Cup Champion Jez, you will be shown step by step everything you need to know for your first whitewater experience.

“Video has become one of the single most important tools in learning to kayak, especially for youth and young adults.  Jez is articulate and precise in his instruction and even the best kayakers, of any age, have something to gain from Kayaking 4 Kidz Part 2.  In other words, Jez got his technique down and everything, he don’t be tickling or nothin’.” – Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc

Check out the trailer below and click right HERE for more info about this new film.

Kayaking 4 Kidz – Intro to Whitewater from Jez Jez on Vimeo.

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