2010 Iceman Championship Race in Columbia, SC

The 10th Annual Saluda River Iceman Championship race was held on Jan 9th 2010.  The festivities included a timed “Massacre” race with required eddys, a head to head tube race, and the main event….The Iceman.  The Iceman race is a mass start head to head featuring paddlers of all skill levels in a variety of craft. Paddlers race down Millrace rapid, around the Zoo bridge pylon, and back upstream to a trail. At this point, racers get out of their boats and carry them up to the top of Millrace for a second run.  Once through the rapid for the second time, racers must exit their boat and swim to shore.  This year’s temps were a balmy 26 degrees.  Thanks to Andy Grizzell for another great event.


Music by: Cloak/Dagger
Song: Jesus Had A Twin/Twenty On One
Album: Don’t Need A

Preview the album at JadeTree.com
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http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dont-need-a-single/id335800383 and by:One Small Step for Landmines
Song: Take Me Seriously
Label: Civil Defense League


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