Website downtime, slowness, video issues, oh my…


We are truly sorry for the problems you are experiencing with Rapid Transit. Please allow me to explain a bit…

Our hosting provider,, is having severe issues with the file server that our website is hosted on, and has been having these problems for the last month. We have been in constant contact with Dreamhost to resolve the problem, and it seems that the problem is affecting every site hosted on that particular server cluster. This is causing very slow website response, sluggish videos, no videos, and also server timeouts, resulting in pages never being loaded.

We have been assured by Dreamhost that they are doing everything in their power to resolve the problem. However, if they do not solve the problem by early next week, we will move Rapid Transit to another hosting provider.

We value our viewers, and strive to provide you with the best FREE kayaking videos on the web, and this is as much of a let down to us, as it is to you (actually, probably more…we are pretty hard on ourselves). Again, we hope to have the problems resolved soon. We are giving Dreamhost their final shot at it, and if they can’t resolve the problem, then we will resolve the problem by seeking another hosting provider.


The Rapid Transit Web Team

P.S. – If you happen to be curious, or want to track the problems with our server, or just have time to waste, please feel free to do so over at The post entitled ‘Filer problems with blingy cluster’ in bright RED is the post detailing our server issues.

Update – 4/3/2008 11:34am – Well, things aren’t blazing along by any means, but things do seem to be running at a reasonable pace. Maybe we have actually turned a corner on this thing. Keep your fingers crossed.

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