“The Long Start to the Journey” film premiere in Asheville – March 19th

After a couple years of work and a couple thousand miles of walking, I’m excited to announce the premiere of our feature documentary film about the Appalachian Trail: The Long Start to the Journey. Although not specifically about whitewater or the paddling lifestyle, this film celebrates wilderness adventure in a way that I’m sure will appeal to the Rapid Transit audience. Over the course of 74 minutes we take you through all the highs and lows of a seven-month thru-hike along the AT, and we also explore the history and origins of this great trail to discover more of what it has to offer human society today. Check out the the first trailer for the film here:

If this sounds like your kind of story, please come out to the Asheville Pizza Co. on Merrimon Avenue next Thursday, March 19th for the film’s world premiere. Tickets will be $5 at the door, and the movie will start at 10PM. We’re excited to share this work with our home community in Asheville before we take it to festivals around the Southeast in the coming months. Hope to see you there!

World Premiere_Asheville Pizza900
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