Thanks to our hosts & Films on the horizon for Rapid Transit

Thank you to all our video premiere hosts!  This Spring we have had some fantastic turnouts for showings of THE EDDY FEELING in Greenville SC, Charlotte NC, Greensboro NC, Boone NC, Reno NV and Dartmouth College NH.  Here’s a small journal of the events:

Boone NC, hosted by myself and Cooper Lambla
Boone Bagelry (fan them on facebook) is the most notable of landmarks when paddling in the NC Highcountry.  Many… many a boating trip begin at the Bagelry and I was extremely happy to have their acommodations for the video showing.  Thanks to my Dad and all the Boone boaters, and Coops class mates who made it out for the show.  I saw some faces that I haven’t seen in quite sometime.

Greenville SC, hosted by myself and Rion Smith from OSM
The photo doesn’t show much, but I assure you the place was packed to the gills.  I’ve done several premieres in Greenville over the years and didn’t know what kind of turnout to expect.  The Coffee Underground in downtown graciously welcomed us and we packed out their small theater.  Thanks to all the locals and the guys from Confluence for coming up, except for Snowy.  He is a troublemaker and should have stayed home.

Charlotte NC, hosted by Cooper Lambla at Creation.  I’m sure you can imagine how beautiful it was, probably mostly black with a bright spot in the center, like the image above.  You don’t typically get photos of the Charlotte paddlers because cameras steal their souls, and they are very sensitive to brigth lights, so flashes are a big no-no.  Coop apparently threw a great event.  He got to show his full length film from his entire year in New Zealand as well.  I have to give huge thanks the Lamblas and the Charlotte boating community.  They are always a lively bunch and great supporters of our films.  Theyz good peeple.

Greensboro NC, hosted by Get:Outdoors
Greensboro was another great showing with a fun group of people.  We had a great turnout of local boaters on the evening of the Get:Outdoors Truckload Sale.

I was pleased to find this nugget of joy on the shelf.

This was the first time they have done an evening event after the sale but we plan do do another film premiere when the opportunity arises.  Thanks a ton to the Get:Outdoors staff for spreading the word to the local paddling clubs.greensboro_0404091610.jpg
How could you not buy a boat from these guys?

Reno NV, hosted by Colin Kemp and
Apparently they had a great turnout.  I’m not sure what happened to this unfortunate individual.  Colin is probably responsible.  Read all about the event HERE.

Dartmouth College NH, hosted by Brynne Weeks
See some photos from their festival and competition that preceded the video premier at Smugmug, and Picasa

To top off our premiere schedule we had some much appreciated press from our friends at Matador Travel.  They did a couple stories, one that was focused on the film itself, and the other was more of an interview with me as the filmmaker,  Thanks to David Miller for the time and effort.

New video content on Rapid Transit has been a bit scarce lately, primarily due to the fact that most of us are either out of work or very low on it.  However, here are the short films that I know for sure are coming down the pipes sooner or later:

  • Cooper Lambla’s final NZ video journal (this one is already finished and has been shown at some of THE EDDY FEELING premieres)
  • Surfing Panama and Costa Rica – with Drew Hayes and Ray Cotton, produced by Effort Inc
  • Napoleon Adamite – a spoof film, produced by Effort Inc
  • Chris Gallaway – a biography about the award winning filmmaker, produced by Effort Inc
  • Chris Gallaway – a mock biography about a crime busting superhero, produced by Effort Inc
  • For Lovers – a video journal of some common creeks and rivers that everyone likes to paddle, produced by Effort Inc
  • Bag-o-Tricks Rock Spin – an impromptu instruction of how to rock spin, produced by Torrent Productions
  • Linville Gorge Headcam – plus other Linville footage that didn’t make the cut for THE EDDY FEELING dvd

Until then, thanks for your viewership and I wish everyone a happy Spring

Spencer Cooke
Effort Inc

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