Sun Sport Hoodie by Recover Brands

Photo: Damon Bungard | Recover Sun Sport Hoodie
Photo: Damon Bungard | Recover Sun Sport Hoodie

Welcome to the Sun Sport Hoodie by Recover Brands.  We’ll put your logo or graphic on this SPF 30 shirt so you can spread the news about your brand, and provide UV protection for playtime outdoors and in the water.

Example of Sun Sport Hoodie embellished by Bergara Rifles.

We purchase discarded plastic bottles from North and South Carolina waste management, grind them down, pelletize them, spin them into thread and recycle into this garment and others like it.  It takes 14 plastic bottles to make the Sun Sport Hoodie.

Contact your rep at Effort, Inc to place an order for Recover products.

Features include:
Wraparound Hood
SPF 30 with no chemical treatment
Soft, recycled, moisture wicking, performance fabric
Thumb holes to keep sleeves in place and cover your hands.

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