Roads traveled, fuels burned, wheels turned – Kayak Fishing


With friends, many roads traveled, many fuels burned, many wheels turned. All this with boat, paddle and fishing gear in tow – This video is not a totally polished edit but it felt like a Rapid Transit Video to me so I decided to resurrect the opening credits with the RT snail (for those who know what I mean). The music here is special too, by a group called Greenland Is Melting, a song called “already gone.” This band played their last show in ’15, but you gotta check them out at their website or @greenlandismelting on FB. Amazing stuff and a helluva group to have seen live.  Seems like all I do is drive though, maybe that’s why Greenland is Melting… #effortinc #rapidtransitvideo #ressurectedsnail #greenlandismelting

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