Please, No Pooping – The Measure [SA] show report, Asheville NC

Recently The Measure [SA] from NJ played in Asheville at Static Age Records.  These guys were super tight on stage, played a great show, and were very friendly folks otherwise.
(The Measure [SA] at Static Age)

I asked guitarist and vocalist, Fid, what the [SA] stood for.  My guesses were Smart Ass, Salvation Army, South America, Stereotypical Arson, and the list goes on.  He said really it meant Strictly Analog.  Apparently he didn’t have a cell phone and other such digital gadgets when the band was formed, along with the fact that the name, The Measure, was already taken by another band, so they appended [SA] to make it unique.  Oh, he also mentioned Semi-Aquatic in the spirit of the small beavers who join them on stage during their shows.

For old time punkers, if you were ever a fan of X or The Minutemen I highly recommend giving this band a listen.  Perhaps The Measure even has a tinge of The Pink Collar Jobs or Dead Things if you were ever around the Boone NC or Asheville punk/indie scenes.

(Yonton and I enjoyed the show)

(Yes, pee is okay.)


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