INTERFERENCE in his hand

After  a very very very very long wait the… well, long awaited DVD, INTERFERENCE “a kayak surf film” has finally arrived at our doorstep and will be shipping out on Monday, February 8th.  As you can see in the photo, filmmaker, Joey Hall, after a hard night of binge video game playing, woke up a happy man.  He thought he’d never see his precious DVDs, but alas the dream is a reality.  This film is truly one of a kind and kayakers and surfers alike will enjoy the thrill and adventure Joey has brought through his shooting, editing and storytelling.  You may order your own copy of the DVD right here, right now.


Thanks to everyone who has supported this project along the way.  We’ll be posting more info about the film soon, such as an iTunes playlist for the film’s incredible soundtrack.  If you want to read up a little more about INTERFERENCE hop on over to In the meantime, those of you who already ordered copies will receive those via US Priority Mail this coming week.  Please enjoy, and thanks again!

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