Five Years of Rapid Transit – Chris Gallaway Begins The Appalachian Trail Movie

At the beginning of 2008 Chris Gallaway released the very first video on the Rapid Transit website; a documentary of Chris Gragtmans’ kayak descent of Desoto Falls in Alabama, which was later re-released on The Eddy Feeling (DVD).  Chris is also known for his film The Green Race Movie (DVD).

Kayaking Desoto Falls: the Five Year Plan from Horizonline Pictures on Vimeo.

In 2008 pro kayaker Chris Gragtmans became the first person to run Desoto Falls in Alabama. For Chris it was a life dream and a project five years in the planning, and all of his preparation paid off in an elegant line off the 70+ foot beast. Here Chris reflects on what it meant to him to kayak Desoto Falls.

Alabama State Park officials wish to let it be known that kayaking Desoto Falls is against park regulations and could lead to prosecution.

Five years down the road, Chris has begun a new project; The Appalachian Trail Movie.  Earlier this week, Chris began a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail with an Osprey Pack filled with 50 lbs of camping and camera equipment – the camera equipment making up a solid 20 lbs of the payload.  His intention is to film and share the journey through his website,, and through a complete documentary film that he plans to later produce. Chris has been out on the local trails of the Appalachians and Smokies over the past couple years doing some lighter hikes and shorter documentaries (lighter, relative to what he has just begun).  Check out his most recent short film about a hike he did last fall in preparation for his current endeavor.

Walkabout in the Smokies (filmed with the Nikon d800) from Horizonline Pictures on Vimeo.

In early October 2012 I spent two weeks hiking a circuitous route through Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I went to test my backpacking and camera setup in preparation for the Appalachian Trial thru hike that I planned to start the next spring. Here are some of the sights, sounds and people I encountered along the way. Hope you enjoy it!

This music is scored with music by Nick Takenobu and Matt Abeysekera. Please support these wonderful musicians! – Takenobu’s subtle, moving cello music. – Abeysekera’s energetic, cinematic compositions for film.

Visit Chris Gallaway’s Appalachian Trail Movie Website at

Chris Gallaway - Image borrowed from
Chris Gallaway – Image borrowed from


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