Best Friends Day

Do you like music? Bikes? Whitewater? Best Friends? Then you have to make the trek to Richmond, VA for Best Friends Day.

Do you like music?  Bikes?  Whitewater?  Best Friends?  Then you have to make the trek to Richmond, VA for Best Friends Day!  Every year in August, people travel from across the country (and the world) to enjoy friendship and music.  Best Friends Day will include 4 days/nights of music and partying along with lots of biking and for you kayakers, whitewater.  Check it out


A few of the bands you can plan on seeing are Andrew W.K., Propagandhi, Municipal Waste, and the Dopamines… but it doesn’t stop there.  The list goes on and on.  Best Friends Day is very wild, unique, and one of the coolest events around!

While in town, bring your boat.  The James River in Richmond offers some great playboating year round.  While the river may be a bit low in August, there will still be water out there.  The locals are friendly and will be happy to show you the low water lines that are fun.  Here’s a couple of pics from the concrete gorge in downtown

– Hunter

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