The Measure [SA] talk about the writing of their new album “Notes” for No Idea Records.

Frequenters of Rapid Transit may have heard a couple songs by The Measure [SA] over the past year in Kelsey Thompson’s Western Canada video and in Cooper Lambla’s New Zealand Journals.  This is a band I am personally very fond of as they remind me of The Minutemen, which is one of my all time favorite groups.  The female vocalist is also very reminiscent of X, another favorite.  Enjoy the press release and definitely listen to The Measure [SA] if you have not already done so.  Check out their tour dates and perhaps catch them in your town soon! – Thanks, Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc

Press Release 2/26/10
The Measure [SA] are putting the finishing touches on their next full length. Simply entitled Notes, the album spans 14 new songs recorded with Chris Pierce at Technical Ecstasy in Milltown, NJ in the Fall of 2009. The band is currently mixing the album and expects to have it out by early summer 2010 on their new home, No Idea Records.

Singer/guitarist Lauren Denitzio had this to say about the direction writing has come on the new album:

“2009 was a hard year, let’s put it that way.  I think it shows loud and clear on this record. These songs, for me, are definitely about a place and a time and were my way of working through the whole spectrum of things from being in love, to not knowing how to handle that, to life threatening illness, abusive relationships, to hating New York and my place in it. The record is louder and faster than our previous ones, and we know that we definitely became a more aggressive band. There are some of the most upbeat and optimistic songs we’ve ever written along with the most pessimistic. I love this record, and I think it’s the equivalent of a lightbulb going off over our head, musically.  This is what we were always supposed to sound like.”

The Measure [SA] will also be doing a short run on their way to and from their performance at Harvest of Hope Fest in St. Augustine, FL.  Along the way, they’ll share stages with Shellshag, Small Brown Bike, O Pioneers!, Cheap Girls, Defiance, Ohio, and The Menzingers.

3/5- Brooklyn, NY @ Cedar Mansion  w/ Shellshag, Stupid Party, Marxists
3/6- New Brunswick, NJ @ Bosnia
3/7- Baltimore, MD @ The New CCAS w/ Dead Mechanical, Quarantine
3/11- Gainesville, FL @ Common Grounds w/ Small Brown Bike, O Pioneers, Cheap Girls, Grabass Charlestons
3/12- St. Augustine, FL @ Harvest of Hope Fest
3/13- St. Augustine, FL @ Harvest of Hope Fest
3/14- Tallahassee, Fl  @ Coolfornia w/ Sleeping Spiders and Tiny Teeth
3-15- Birmingham, AL  @ Magic City Wholesale w/ We Are Alive
3/16- Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton w/ Defiance, Ohio, The Riot Before, Cheap Girls
3/17- Asheville, NC @ Static Age Records
3/15- Wilmington, NC @ The Soapbox
3/16- Richmond, VA @ Alex’s House
3/17- Philadelphia, PA @ Thunderdome w/ The Menzingers and Highlights

The Measure [SA] recently released a pair of split 7”s with the now defunct ERGS! on No Idea Records. The band also released a CD/LP entitled One Chapter In The Book: A Collection of Standard Waits and Measurements, a collection of their previous 7”s, in 2008 on Kiss of Death Records and Team Science Records,

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