Thanks to Riverlink, NOC and REI

Thanks to Riverlink for hosting the film festival at NOC’s Nolichucky outpost on May 26th.  Thanks to NOC for the venue and to REI for the door prizes.  This was a laid back event with great energy, great people and an excellent cause.
Nolichucky Gorge from i-26
Foggy Valley: As I was dropping down into the Noli Gorge on i-26 West I thought that there was maybe a fire.  Once at the bottom I realized it was a huge layer of fog rising up out of the valley.


Onlookers packed into the NOC rafting orientation room for a premiere of a not yet released Rapid Transit Short Film called “For Lovers.”  We also watched an eye-opening, environmental film about the Nolichucky and its water quality.  The finale was THE EDDY FEELING by Rapid Transit.


Thanks again to our gracious hosts.

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