World Kayak dot com screening of HOW TO GO SURF KAYAKING

Today Rapid Transit Video announces an upcoming film screening to be presented in partnership with World Kayak dot com.  On June 4th-5th HOW TO GO SURF KAYAKING will be available for a 24 hour period online, for free, at the following URL –

“HOW TO GO SURF KAYAKING is a documentation of the development of the sport from 1997-2010, written, narrated, edited and produced by Spencer Cooke of Effort Inc.  This is a story told by a group of surf paddlers from the East Coast. During the 45 minute film you’ll receive a comical, however sincere, clinic on the lessons these surfers learned about how to travel to different countries with surf kayaks in search of waves, adventure and cultural experiences.”

This film is part of two broader projects:
1) COMING HOME – This is a DVD now available for sale at Rapid Transit containing 4 short stories from the river and sea by Spencer Cooke and Chris Gallaway.  Check out the trailer and consider purchasing your own copy at this link.
2) INTERFERENCE – In 2010 Joey Hall of Deadman Productions introduced one of the first major surf kayak films ever produced, entitled INTERFERENCE.  In a short time this film has become monumental in the sport of surf kayaking, if not the broader world of paddlesports.  It is truly in a league of its own in regards to the production quality, the surfing and the epic journeys taken to surf waves all over the world.  While the timeline of the story told in HOW TO GO SURF KAYAKING starts before that of INTERFERENCE, it also contains parallel elements to Joey Hall’s narrative in INTERFERENCE, and consequently results in a more distant time.  Therefore, HOW TO GO SURF KAYAKING is has also been coined as INTERFERENCE, wave 2.  These two stories are complimentary and essential to one another and intended for anyone interested in traveling to go kayaking or surfing waves.  See more about INTERFERENCE, wave 1, here.

Don’t miss our limited-time screening of this film on June 4th and 5th at

Thanks to co-producers ASTRAL and SHRED READY

More info about this film:
Kayak Surf dot net –
Effort dot tv –
Facebook –
Rapid Transit –
Rapid Transit –

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