Till the Wheels Fall Off, Literally

One way to break my life into chapters would be by vehicles I’ve owned.  It would go something like this: 1986 Dodge Charger, 1989 Subaru Wagon, 1993 Dodge Caravan, 1995 Toyota Truck, 2004 Nissan Frontier.  The Frontier is my most recent and perhaps most dramatic chapter…

Till the Wheels Fall off - 300,000 miles

As a sales representative I drive, a lot. And to that tune I offer an ode (not an endorsement) to my Nissan that has made it ten years and almost 300,000 miles. From Asheville NC I have driven all over the east coast many many times, as far north as Ottawa and Montreal and as far South as Central Florida. “Till the Wheels Fall Off” is a borrowed title from a Hot Water Music album, but I mean it quite literally.  Before I replaced a blown rear differential, for the second time, this happened…

2010 The Unfortunate Blowout

Luckily, the truck and I lived, and so did everyone else who was driving near us.  After four more years it’s temporarily parked until I find a used transmission.  And even with a failing transmission and the absence of reverse, I was able (very strategically) to drive the vehicle for the last five months.

What is the relevance of all of this you might ask?  Really all it means is that I paid a bunch of money over the course of ten years to drive around, go kayaking, sell kayaking gear, put gas in my truck, repair my truck, and on and on.  I guess that’s the cost of making a living and/or striving to get out there and go paddling.  If I’m lucky I’ll do it for another ten years.

Thanks, I guess,
Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

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