THE NOSEPLUG by Space Donkey Plug and Play

Kayakers! Ever tried a Donkey Flip or a Space Godzilla and ended up with a blast of water up your nostrils? Or maybe you’re more like us and you miss your roll now and then and need a good set of noseplugs. To help kayakers of all skill levels, we’ve come up with a great product and a fun name. It’s called THE NOSEPLUG by Space Donkey Plug and Play. Purchase these from your friendly, local kayak retailer.

These offer a really great fit that works on various different shape/size noses. The whole unit is lower profile than others and as a result catches less water, quite possibly stays on better than other noseplugs 🤔 The leash is a shoelace-style material and features about 6% stretch. All Space Donkeys come with a 2×2″ decal, and 🌎 in an effort to be as planet-friendly as possible these come without a package or a hang tag. There is already enough throwaway packaging out there.

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