Murder Ballad

Two years ago on a small, family farm in Costa Rica, I witnessed the slaughter of a pig – food for the reception of a wedding I was attending there.

I documented the process for two reasons.  One, to share with the bride and groom who both helped with the slaughter, along with several guests in attendance.   Also, I knew eventually I wanted to share the footage in some other way.  The way I see it, those who consume animals should know where meat really comes from, how it is processed.  Granted, this is a much more tasteful environment than the typical slaughterhouse, in my opinion.

On watching the video: If this is an exceedingly difficult reality for you to watch, perhaps you should reconsider meat consumption.

artist – snakehealers
album – cure all (release date 12.07.12)
song – murder ballad


The Snakehealers song, Murder Ballad, was chosen for the irony of its title in relationship to the way the animal was killed.  The disturbing but fictitious lyrics and aggressive sound are meant to augment the emotion of blood being spilled and a life being taken.  During a recent chat with friends I got inspired to do this edit, both to share the pig slaughter footage and to pair a memorable, visual element with that of the Snakehealers sound.

Happy Holidays,
Spencer Cooke

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