Longboard Asheville – Global Warming is Back

Several months back I put out a Longboard Asheville video called “Global Warming.”  The title referred to the fact that we had way too many unseasonably warm, sunny days last winter.  The bright side was that we had clean, dry pavement more often than not.  This winter seems to be starting off the same way.  Here are a few photos and videos of our 2012 longboarding in and around Asheville.

– Thanks, Spencer Cooke – Effort Inc

Felipe - Laying a few thane lines
Myself - Heelside turn on a muggy summer day
Josh - Coleman slide on a very fast, steep right turn.
Troy - quick wheel swap before a Spring downhill session
Troy - Checks the mail and keeps on sliding
Felipe - Tries a new set of race formula wheels before a recent winter session
Josh and Felipe - Railing a freshly paved turn in tandem - See the video below

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