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INTERFERENCE “a kayak surf film” DVD – $24.95

Thumbnail image for INTERFERENCE “a kayak surf film” DVD – $24.95 March 11, 2016

Running Time:
2 hours
Cast Featuring:
Nathan Eades, Joey Hall, Spencer Cooke, Marc Holland, Naomi James, Anthony Bell, David Speller, Rusty Sage and many more.
Locations Featuring:
Spain 2007 World Surf Kayak Championships, Portugal Coastline, African Coast of Morocco, US East Wrightsville Beach NC Hurricane Surf and Masonboro Island, Finca Punta Ayampe in Ecuador

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Kayaking 4 Kidz DVD $21.00

Thumbnail image for Kayaking 4 Kidz DVD $21.00 March 10, 2011

This instructional video provides you with all the basics such as important techniques and information on the helmet, PFD, sprayskirt, paddle and boat. You will find out how to get in your boat, parts of your equipment as well as how to use it all properly. Kids will also be shown how to do a wet exit, emptying your boat, body positioning, basic stokes as well as some great tips on starting your hip snap. With easy to follow steps and described in ways that every kid can understand, techniques are demonstrated by kids for kids. Filmed on location in Western North Carolina and Australia, this instructional video will become the standard for kids learning to kayak

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Whitewater Kayaking with Anna Levesque “a woman’s guide to paddling” DVD – $29.95

Thumbnail image for Whitewater Kayaking with Anna Levesque “a woman’s guide to paddling” DVD – $29.95 April 21, 2010

The most comprehensive instructional DVD for women ever produced. This DVD gives you access to Anna’s fifteen-plus years of whitewater experience as a world-class athlete and instructor. Discover new ways of developing your technique from the roll to boofing to basic playboating. Transform your skills and mental game under Anna’s guidance. For all levels whether you’re a class II boater or an experienced class IV river runner.

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Recreational Kayaking for Women, Girls at Play DVD – $24.95

Thumbnail image for Recreational Kayaking for Women, Girls at Play DVD – $24.95 April 4, 2010

Price $24.95 Running Time: 1 hour About: Renowned instructor, Anna Levesque, makes recreational kayaking fun, easy and inspiring for all women! If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity that will help you stay active and enjoy time with family and friends, Kayaking for Women is a great place to start. Learn everything you need […]

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