Green River Narrows 18×24″ Poster – $7.00

by admin on March 10, 2017

Price $7.00

This 18×24″ poster is beautifully printed on 80# gloss card stock. The timeless poster features a unique and brethtaking aerial photograph of the entire Green River Narrows taken by pro photographer Harrison Shull and ¬©Appalachian Aerial Images. Fourteen inset images feature all the classic rapids on the Green Narrows including Gorilla, Sunshine, Go Left and Die and Rapid Transit (wink wink).
People and rapids featured on the poster:
Dylan Bruce and Jesse Wilensky (Frankenstein), Nathan Silsbee (Bride of Frankenstein), Chris Gallaway of Horizonline Pictures (Zwick’s backender), John Weiner (Boof or Consequence), Jeb Hall (Go Left and Die), Nathan Silsbee (Chief), Adam Secrest (Gorilla), Daniel Windham (Nieces Pieces), Yonton Mehler (Powerslide), Joey Hall (Rapid Transit), Caleb Coaplen (Groove Tube), Caleb Coaplen (Sunshine), Spencer Cooke (Boogie Section)
Principal photography and graphic design by:

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc

Green River Narrows Poster by Effort, Inc

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