Rapid Transit was assembled in 2008 as an outlet for a group of friends, outdoor enthusiasts, filmmakers and photographers to come together and share their stories and creative work.  We all share an interest in outdoor adventure, be it kayaking, surfing, skateboarding, fishing, climbing, mt biking and more.  We have made lifelong hobbies out of these passions and hope to preserve and share a few memorable moments through video, photos and words.

DON’T FORGET THE MUSIC!  This site is just as much about audio as it is video/photo.  Aside from the obvious visual elements, music is the number one ingredient in making a video memorable.  Plus, we’re all music lovers.  See Rapid Transit Music for the latest from the record labels and artists we work with.

The people of Rapid Transit are:

Spencer Cooke of Effort, Inc. – http://Effort.tv
Most recently produced HOW TO GO SURF KAYAKING, part of the COMING HOME DVD.

Chris Gallaway of Horizonline Pictures – http://horizonlinepictures.com
Produced the award winning GREEN RACE MOVIE, the COMING HOME DVD, and is currently working on THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL MOVIE.

Kyle Thomas, Brand Ambassador at Effort, Inc. – http://Effort.tv
Paddling gear enthusiast and expert product tester/evaluator.

*Others who have been important in the development, formation and propagation of Rapid Transit:

Joey Hall of Hocus Pocus Creative and Deadman Productions, LLC

Kelsey Thompson of Balance TV

Jez of Skippy Films

Daniel Windham of From the Darkroom

Cooper Lambla of Downstream Movement

Chris Gragtmans of Catalyst Media

Andy Gates of Torrent Productions

Chris Wing of H2o Dreams

Robin Betz of Bitchslap Productions

Karl Moser

Anna Levesque of Girls at Play

“FELIPE” Philip Aschliman
Master of funny, clever and entertaining Kayak, Fishing and Skateboarding Videos

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