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Roads traveled, fuels burned, wheels turned

Thumbnail image for Roads traveled, fuels burned, wheels turned January 14, 2017

With friends, many roads traveled, many fuels burned, many wheels turned. All this with boat, paddle and fishing gear in tow – This video is not a totally polished edit but it felt like a Rapid Transit Video to me so I decided to resurrect the opening credits with the RT snail (for those who […]

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Music Recommendation(s) for 2013: THEM TEASTERS

Thumbnail image for Music Recommendation(s) for 2013:  THEM TEASTERS February 3, 2013

Press play, then read below: Free Electronic Press Kits from It’s a simple matter that life would be unbearable without music. 2012 was no exception, and I don’t expect 2013 to be different. This article was originally meant to be a list of my favorite albums from last year but I decided Them Teasters […]

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Swank 20-Year Reunion

Thumbnail image for Swank 20-Year Reunion January 11, 2013

Swank.  They sound a bit like Fugazi but they have the addition of a horn section.  That’s a description I’ve heard on more than one occasion, which is a pretty bold statement considering the prowess of Fugazi.  I can understand the comparison and recognize that they may have been influenced by Fugazi, but Swank definitely […]

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Murder Ballad

Thumbnail image for Murder Ballad December 23, 2012

Two years ago on a small, family farm in Costa Rica, I witnessed the slaughter of a pig – food for the reception of a wedding I was attending there. I documented the process for two reasons.  One, to share with the bride and groom who both helped with the slaughter, along with several guests […]

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The Bowerbirds Need Our Help

Thumbnail image for The Bowerbirds Need Our Help December 5, 2012

THE BOWERBIRDS KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN TO BUILD A NEW ALBUM My favorite band currently producing music is Bowerbirds, a folksy-roots-rock outfit out of middle North Carolina. Their music has appeared in Rapid Transit’s film about the Grand Canyon and more recently in our short film “Two Days in September.” Bowerbirds has three albums to their name […]

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FEST 11 Trip Report, Photos & Videos

Thumbnail image for FEST 11 Trip Report, Photos & Videos December 1, 2012

Thanks to our good friend Tony Weinbender and all the FEST workers who made this incredible event happen for the 11th time. – Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

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DEFIANCE OHIO announces a back to school tour and new songs

Thumbnail image for DEFIANCE OHIO announces a back to school tour and new songs August 22, 2012

One of my favorite bands, DEFIANCE OHIO, just announced a small tour they’ll be doing starting next week.  See all the dates below and make sure to check out a few new songs they just released on their website. You can download these songs for free from, but please consider buying them (at whatever […]

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Album Review: Good Luck “Without Hesitation”

Thumbnail image for Album Review: Good Luck “Without Hesitation” March 15, 2012

Sometimes a solitary song can make everything seem okay, if only for a few moments. Good Luck‘s new album, Without Hesitation, does that from start to finish.  Each track carries a positive, motivating and energetic vibe.  If I had to tell it in one sentence; listening to this album makes me feel good. After discovering […]

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Pygmy Lush “Old Friends” album review – by Marc Woolward

Thumbnail image for Pygmy Lush “Old Friends” album review – by Marc Woolward December 11, 2011

Marc Woolward writes in from England with a precisely calculated study of Pygmy Lush’s most recent album, “Old Friends.” This isn’t the punk rock I expected. To be quite honest the production is pretty, well, um, lush :-). Lush layers of alt-Americana. This is a cd that makes sense as the winter draws in, as […]

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Des Ark’s recent album

Thumbnail image for Des Ark’s recent album October 18, 2011

Upon my first listen of Des Ark‘s new album I was hooked, instant gratification.  Having never heard the band, I didn’t understand a single word but I just kept listening because I was so captivated.  Lyrics of real meaning eventually began revealing themselves as I played each and every track over and over, until this […]

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