Roads traveled, fuels burned, wheels turned

by admin on January 14, 2017

With friends, many roads traveled, many fuels burned, many wheels turned. All this with boat, paddle and fishing gear in tow – This video is not a totally polished edit but it felt like a Rapid Transit Video to me so I decided to resurrect the opening credits with the RT snail (for those who know what I mean). The music here is special too, by a group called Greenland Is Melting, a song called “already gone.” This band played their last show in ’15, but you gotta check them out at their website or @greenlandismelting on FB. Amazing stuff and a helluva group to have seen live.  Seems like all I do is drive though, maybe that’s why Greenland is Melting… #effortinc #rapidtransitvideo #ressurectedsnail #greenlandismelting


“The Long Start to the Journey” film premiere in Asheville – March 19th

March 9, 2015

After a couple years of work and a couple thousand miles of walking, I’m excited to announce the premiere of our feature documentary film about the Appalachian Trail: The Long Start to the Journey. Although not specifically about whitewater or the paddling lifestyle, this film celebrates wilderness adventure in a way that I’m sure will […]

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Salto y Saltos: Day 7 of Chile Adventures

March 4, 2015

The Rio Palguin is a must-see in Chile for paddling enthusiasts.  The site of the rapid formerly known as Stout 10 on the Middle section of the Rio Palguin is worth a visit, from experiencing a wild swinging bridge crossing the river to investigating a collapse of rock supporting the riverbed, transforming Stout 10 into a […]

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Till the Wheels Fall Off, Literally

Thumbnail image for Till the Wheels Fall Off, Literally February 28, 2015

One way to break my life into chapters would be by vehicles I’ve owned.  It would go something like this: 1986 Dodge Charger, 1989 Subaru Wagon, 1993 Dodge Caravan, 1995 Toyota Truck, 2004 Nissan Frontier.  The Frontier is my most recent and perhaps most dramatic chapter… As a sales representative I drive, a lot. And […]

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Salto y Saltos: Day 6 of Chile Adventures

February 24, 2015

The stoke was high after three days of paddling on the Rio Claro.  Big waterfalls, one-of-a-kind boofs, mind-blowing scenery, and a wonderful 1st international camping experience.  Immediately after finishing up the dawn patrol lap on Veintidós Saltos (see blog post), our group packed up the truck with as many kayaks as possible and started our journey […]

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Salto y Saltos: Days 4-5 of Chile Adventures

February 11, 2015

Two days of paddling Siete Tazas of the Rio Claro was a great warm-up to Chilean waterfalls (see previous blog).  My technical skills felt solid.  My mental game felt good.  I was ready to sample more of the unique rapids of the Rio Claro!  Pablo, Chris of H2O Dreams, and I decided to hike further upstream […]

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Salto y Saltos: Days 2-3 of Chile Adventures

Thumbnail image for Salto y Saltos: Days 2-3 of Chile Adventures February 2, 2015

Paddling in Chile started on day 2 at the Siete Tazas section of the Rio Claro.  As discussed in the previous blog, Radal Siete Tazas National Park is a magnificent landscape!  The first day was spent recovering from jet lag, setting up camp, and forming a gameplan for the next day.  On day 2, Tracy, Chris from […]

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Salto y Saltos: Day 1 of Chile Adventures

Thumbnail image for Salto y Saltos: Day 1 of Chile Adventures January 15, 2015

Meet Salto, the loyal protector of the Pucón Kayak Hostel.  Salto is appropriately named for why so many of us take the long journey to Chile.  Saltos!   Chile is beautiful.  Traveling to Radal Siete Tazas National Park in Curicó Province required months of preparation, a knowledgeable crew (H2O Dreams), and trustworthy gear.  My 1st day in Chile was spent […]

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The Big Trip: 5 Things to Think About

January 2, 2015

I am new to traveling outside the United States to paddle.  I would love to share some lessons learned from my recent trip to Scotland to sea kayak and to Chile to whitewater kayak. 1.  Where do I want to go? This may seem obvious to the average traveler, but let’s remember:  I am a […]

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Immersion Research MicroWave Handwarmer Pogies

Thumbnail image for Immersion Research MicroWave Handwarmer Pogies December 28, 2014

The MicroWave Handwarmer Pogies from Immersion Research are a well-thought-out design for those looking to keep their hands comfortable and warm while paddling during a cold weather or cold water season.  How is the user experience of the Immersion Research MicroWave Handwarmer Pogies (MSRP $40)?  Well, first things first, I have general criteria that any […]

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